Last week, two members of the Structures team attended the 2014 Conference hosted by the Association of Texas College and University Facilities Professionals. It was a great opportunity to learn about past successes, current challenges, and future build plans for the various academic institutions across the State. A notable session discussed the public-private partnership between the University of Texas at Austin and EdR, a developer of academic housing. Together, they developed 2400 Nueces.  Another session showcased the adaptive re-use of a 1955 department store to serve as an interim home for the University of North Texas’ College of Law. The masterplan for the new Austin Community College – Highland Mall Campus was also explored in another session.

Paulette felt the opening keynote was one of the best she’d attended. Bryan Dodge, the speaker, declared that focusing on what is more important to you in life will help you achieve a more enjoyable life. This achievement will help you succeed overall. The magic numbers he spoke of were 48/21/1/3:

  • 48 – You have 48 hours to act on what comes to your heart
  • 21 – It takes 21 days to change a habit
  • 1 and 3 – If you improve your life for a single year through new habits, the good around you increases by a multiple of three

His best recommendation? Go home with energy! Don’t spend all your energy in the office because the people at home have the power to fire you too.

Along with the sessions and learning exercises, Structures made great strides in networking too. It was great to reconnect with clients and peers and make new connections as well. We held a drawing for a Microsoft Surface RT and are happy to congratulate Rachel Brehm with Overland Partners for being the lucky recipient!

Thank you to the organizers and we look forward to seeing everyone again in 2016!

Paulette Gibbins (Structures), Rachel Brehm (Overland Partners), and Dante Angelini (Structures)