The Team

Jennifer Castilleja

  • Project Manager
  • Organized meetings
  • Provided tools and general direction

Staci K Chase

  • Architectural Lead
  • Provided vision for the project’s story
  • Lead decorative efforts

Hector Ortiz

  • The Star
  • Provided structural guidance and strategy
  • Lead glazing efforts

The Structure

Design Challenges

  • Structurally supporting (2)
  • double span roofs
  • Material strength/properties
  • Frosting cure time
  • Project transportation
  • Logistical failure after first
  • build
  • Forming of window openings
  • Lack of lateral support

The Home

Key Design Elements

  • Double height space
  • Open floor plan below extra wide roof
  • Solar panel for off the grid energy
  • Diamond shaped windows for gazing at the winter wonderland
  • Not one, but two, clear story windows
  • Inverted columns to complete the modern look
  • Live in staff (hipster elves) included