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We’ve been designing structures in the Austin area since 1990. We have a stellar team that is dedicated to excellence in all we do.

Our Story


Structures’ history is rooted in the vision and expertise of its founding principal, Jerry Garcia. His unwavering commitment to excellence and dedication to craftsmanship set the standard within the industry. Under Jerry’s stewardship, Structures garnered a sterling reputation, marked by meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions.


As a firm deeply ingrained in our communities, Structures has embraced a new phase of growth and expansion. Guided by a dynamic leadership team, we have fortified our roots while boldly venturing into uncharted territories. Acknowledging the evolving landscape of our neighborhoods, we broadened our focus beyond residential projects to encompass public and private buildings alike, underscoring our commitment to meeting the varied needs of our region.


While honoring the legacy of our past, we champion innovation and adaptability. Our objective extends beyond delivering exceptional structural designs; we aspire to actively shape the growth and vitality of our cities. Through collaboration, ingenuity, and an unwavering dedication to quality, Structures continues to redefine the future of structural engineering  while leaving a lasting imprint on the communities we call home.

Our Expertise

We offer full design services including feasibility assessment, schematic design, design development, construction documents and construction administration for new structures.

Proactive Coordination

Our reputation for strong project coordination allows us to provide fully integrated structural designs that are efficient, economical and constructible.

Prioritized Constructibility

Our vast knowledge of building systems means our designs are efficient, economical and constructible.

CLient Service

Throughout the design process, we are mindful of the architectural intent, the needs of other consultants, the contractor’s assembly and the owner’s goals.

Structural engineering is not only concerned with the conception of structural systems, their calculation, construction and stability, but it is equally concerned with service; service to the community, ensuring that our society is adequately informed about what we can do for it.

- Peter Dunican

Elevating Communities Through Innovative Structural Designs

We are dedicated to creating structural designs that elevate and improve communities across an array of market sectors. Our designs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual project and to allow structural elements to become integral parts of a building’s character.

Adaptive Reuse
Commercial & mixed use
Drink & Dine

Higher education

Multi Family
Special structures

Meet the Team

Structures is comprised of a diverse collective of individuals that continuously contribute to our community through our professional and personal commitments. Our educational and professional backgrounds are varied as are our interests and ideas. We are foodies, musicians, surfers, mothers, hipsters, dog lovers, car enthusiasts, volunteers, artists and much, much more.

Heidi Cisneros


Dante Angelini, PE


Ryan Stoltz, PE


Melissa Eason


Chris Carsten


Nikki Montoya



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  • City of Austin Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE)
  • City of Austin Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
  • City of Austin Small Business Enterprise (SBE)
  • City of Austin Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
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In the words of our clients

The connections with our clients are as important as the structures built for them. Over the years, we’ve established countless relationships with amazing people.


Structures has been great to work with. Always available to help out with structural design and their quick response to requirements from the…

Rodney Craig

Craig Construction

The Perfect Partner

The Structures team epitomized the perfect partner. They were accurate, flexible, invested, innovative and available – no matter the time or the issue.

Casey E. Gebhard

9th Street Capital

Award Winner

Fred Pirkle Engineering Technology Center is an “award winner” in my book. Thank you for all your support, creativity and hard work…

I. Earl Swisher, AIA

Lawrence Group