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Structural Engineer

Structures is looking for a competent and committed structural engineer to help expand and support the company’s design portfolio and team. This is a great opportunity for candidates looking for a diverse, hands-on structural design experience, with an ability to grow professionally in an environment where creativity is valued. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, understands the profession of consulting engineering and works as a key member of the design team.
Project responsibilities include the ability to use independent judgment regarding the evaluation of project data by performing analysis and calculations; work directly with engineering design team members to include other unlicensed and licensed engineers and technical staff; prepare and assemble reports and complete design documents as well as perform site observations.

Please send your resume to with your interest in the position.

Job Requirements

  • BS in Civil or Architectural Engineering with specialization in Structural Engineering.
  • Minimum 2 years of experience is mandatory. Need not apply if less.
  • Applicant must have received a passing grade on the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam.
  • Concrete, steel, masonry, and wood structural design experience required.
  • Proficiency with Risa 3D, RAM Structural System, or similar software for analysis, design & evaluation of structures.
  • Proficiency with AutoCAD and Revit.
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Being a part of the Structures Team

This is what it means to be part of our team. This is how we intentionally show up in our roles and for each other. We are committed to embodying these values every day. We recognize the tremendous value of a cohesive, intentional, positive culture of high-level engagement that brings out the best in each of us.

Be excellent

Fully committed to high quality work, productivity, family and fun; being elite players in everything we do

As individuals and a company, we set and hold a high bar for ourselves. We trust each other to strive for excellence. We are highly productive and always give our best. We take great care and pride in our work, health, and families. We listen intently, respect others’ time, efforts, beliefs, and feelings.

Kind, authentic humans with positive attitudes, having fun, and making each other look good

We take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We bring our real authentic, diverse, unique selves to work and foster an environment that celebrates that. We are kind and empathetic towards each other. We intentionally bring good, positive energy to the team. We are all human and imperfect, so we extend grace. We make each other look good and come from a place of support and goodwill. We prioritize creating a fun, lighthearted, environment to collectively thrive in.

100% accountable for our collective behavior and impact on each other

We take responsibility for our mindsets, attitudes, behavior, and choice of words. We are transparent, drama free, slow to make excuses, and own up to our mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, apathy is unacceptable. We are problem solvers. We listen to others and find solutions. We don’t gossip or bad mouth others. We resolve problems at the source and use our words to lift people up. Together we are better.

Never complacent, always learning and improving, staying humble, innovative, and adaptable

We actively pursue improvement. We value and acknowledge where we’ve been but are never complacent with where we are. We recognize that we are strongest when each of us is strong individually; therefore, we take every opportunity to mentor each other. We have a healthy relationship with feedback; we see it as an opportunity, not a threat. We understand that communication is vital to improvement and building strong relationships. We believe we can be and do better and are not attached to how we have always done things. We embrace change and adaptability, constantly asking “Is this the best way?”

Resilient and scrappy, impossible to discourage, unafraid to dream big

We are resilient, courageous, and unsinkable to our core. We embrace the risk of failure and don’t shy away from challenges. We’re not here to replicate what everyone else does or how they do it. We blaze our own trail, unafraid to break new ground and create roads where none exist. We dream big, knowing that if we want something, it is on us to create it. We learn from our mistakes, setbacks, and missteps; they are valuable to our growth and experience. We are solid as a team, have each other’s backs, and look to inspire the best from each other. Spirits high, eyes forward, bring the heat every day.

Thank You for Your Interest in Joining the Structures Team!