The Design

With over 175 square inches of amenities spanning across four
floors, the Gingerpendent offers the most significant and diverse
assortment of candy, decorating classes, relaxation, and entertainment accommodations this side of the equator. Enjoy a
vibrant and energetic 3rd floor amenities deck or relax on the 4th
floor balcony, the highest vantage point in the North Pole.

Inspired by the North Pole’s bold and innovative Christmas spirit, the
movement between the Gingerpendent’s tiers is an outward reflection of the vibrant lifestyle within the building and surrounding ginger-community…sweet, but not too sweet. The ambitious architectural approach of eliminating stairs and elevators from the building encourages innovative technological solutions, such as Uber-Deer, a driverless reindeer company that flies people right to their balcony. Days of taking the stairs and elevator are over when you choose to live at the Gingerpendent!

The Ammenities 

  •  Infinity Icing tub overlooking the frozen lake with views of The Pole unlike anything ever seen before.
  • Landscaped outdoor lounges with groomed edible trees and fireplaces to roast marshmallows and gumdrops.
  • Yoga and Barre Studio classes on the sundeck for the rare occasions when the sun is out. Flexibility does not come easy as a gingerperson but exercise is all the rage in the South Pole so give it a try…you’ll feel great, just don’t break a leg!
  • Gingerpup Park and grooming station on the 2nd floor for your sweet gingerpooch
  • Sky Fitness Center for working off the ounces and keeping your perfect cookie profile
  • 16 person board room and conference room for those of you with family that needs to work while visiting (residents that live at the Gingerpendent are encouraged to relax all day every day, so work is not expected or encouraged)
  • Free gumdrop realignment services on the first floor. Gumdrop coloring and sugar-coating will be additional charges but at a discounted rate.
  • Vacation planning services and travel center for organizing your next trip south.
  • Chef-inspired cuisine from the Muffin Man on Dreary Lane that can be delivered to your room 24 hrs/day.
  • All you can eat candy shop featuring fresh delicacies hand-delivered from Santa’s Candy Shoppe.

**Note that 1⁄2 of all monies resulting from design competitions will be donated to the non-profit “Handrails for Life!”, which provides free handrail inspections for ginger-structures with cantilevered balconies. Handrail failure is the second highest cause of ginger-deaths in the North Pole, second only to being eaten.