Project Scope

When you think of Santa Claus, what comes to mind? Elves? Toys? Reindeer? None of that would have any context
without the sleigh.

Our structure takes its inspiration from the vehicle that takes Santa across the globe and into the dreams of
children. It provides shelter for Santa’s sleigh and itself is generally shaped like his vehicle.

At top, we envisioned a path to manage the take off and landing of the reindeer. Behold as Rudolph himself grazes at the grass featured at the green roof. The red gumdrops serve as lighting, FAA-approved, to guide the animals in from their flights. The upper-level, wrap-around deck features a cozy hot tub with which Santa and Mrs. Claus relax in the shrill Arctic’s cold air. The ground floor features an open sleighport for quick-access covered parking for the all-important sleigh.

Structural Design Criteria

The structure is to be designed in accordance with the requirements of the International Reindeer Code (IRC), 2018 Edition, and the following standards:

  • Building Code Requirements for Structural Cardboard, American Cardboard Institute, ACI 318-11
  • Manual of Sugar Construction (LRFD), American Institute of Sugar Construction, 14th Edition
  • Minimum Design Loads for Fictional Buildings and Other Imaginary Structures, American Society of Christmas
  • Engineers, ASCE 7i-10

The design loads shall be as follows:

  • Superimposed Dead Loads (to scale):
  • Floor glazing (where applicable) 10 psf
  • Gumdrop and M&MEP allowance 10 psf
  • Green roof assemblies* 75 psf
  • Confectionary cladding 50 psf

*Roof dead load will vary depending on roof drainage plan, thickness of soil layer, and density of reindeer leavings

Live Loads:

  • Living and gathering areas 40 psf
  • Balconies 60 psf
  • Hot Tub 150 psf
  • Green Roof* 100 psf
  • Toy storage 125 psf

*Average reindeer weight should be confirmed with livestock engineer.

Wind Loads:

The structure shall be designed per Chapter 16, Section 1609 with a basic wind speed of 130 mph, Exposure C, Risk Category IV.

Seismic Loads:

The structure shall be designed per Chapter 16, Section 1613. The Seismic Site Class will be determined based on information from the arctic engineer when it becomes available.

Snow Loads:

  • Ground snow load 1000 psf

Deflection Criteria

  • Live Load Deflection L / 360
  • Total Deflection L / 240
  • Wind Deflection H / 400
  • Members supporting peppermint bark L / 600


  • Cardboard
  • Slab-on-Grade 4 psi
  • Gingerbread 4,000 psi @ 2 hrs