PICTURED ABOVE: The Bambi Bucket attached to a Ch-47 Helicopter from the 2-149th, Texas National Guard, dumps water on a blaze nearing property. Texas National Guard crews launched out of the Austin Army Aviation Facility to fight wild fires threatening homes and property near Bastrop, Texas, September 6, 2011. Photo by Staff Sgt. Malcolm McClendon

This September 4th marks the one year anniversary of the Bastrop fires.  This unprecedented catastrophe in central Texas rendered many families homeless.  Since then Structures and others have been involved in providing pro bono services for uninsured homeowners needing assistance in putting their lives back together.  In concert with Michael Gatto of ACDDC, Tom Hatch of hatch + ulland owen architects, Holt Engineering, Rich MacMath, John Rickard, the fine folks at Mennonite Disaster Services and countless generous souls, new residences were built for the displaced.

Although Bastrop remains a scarred landscape, the Bastrop recovery continues to this day.  If you are interested in helping, the Bastrop YMCA in collaboration with Friends of the Lost Pines, will host the inaugural Burning Pine 5K/10K and Family 1K on September 2nd.  The following is some information on the event:

“September 2, 2012

Race participants will run through Bastrop State Park, beginning at 7:30 a.m., with food, drink, and music to follow. The event will commemorate the one year anniversary of the wildfires that devastated the beautiful Lost Pines. After the race there will be a live music concert, with Texas favorites, at May Fest Park (Bastrop Rodeo grounds).  Food and beverages along with beer will be for sale. This is a family friendly event.

For more information visit the website or register to run.”

It will take many years to restore Bastrop to its pre-disaster condition but with the support of the fine folks of the surrounding communities, Bastrop will soon again be a beautiful and vibrant region of our great State.