With more people moving to the Austin area it is quite evident to any new home builder that most of the flat sites are already developed.  Many avoid the difficult sites because it immediately implies higher costs.  Indeed there are challenges with building on a difficult site but many difficult sites can be acquired at a friendlier price point.

Structures is very familiar with the challenges posed by difficult sites.  Many of the challenges stem from site access for heavier equipment.  We work closely with contractors to develop economical solutions utilizing various structural approaches to satisfy the aesthetic intent as well as economic constraints of the project.  For sites along a water line that limit the access for pier drilling equipment, driven pile solutions are available that may allow for easier access from the lake side.  Sloped sites sometimes require excessive fill in order to establish a level building platform, but we have often utilized structural steel to forego that necessity.

Structures can provide the consultation that can make what appears to be an impossible site, possible.  Give us a call or stop by for a quick visit; the door is always open.