Travis County Precinct One

The Travis County Precinct One Richard E. Scott Building consists of a one level approximately 15,895 sf facility. It houses the precinct’s Justice of the Peace and Constable, along with their administrative staffs. A contiguous, but independently accessed 1,506 sf community meeting room was also included in the design. This room, which is intended for the general public’s use has restrooms and a small kitchenette and was designed with a sense of warmth from the wood cladding and a sense of fun from the colors inside.

The greatest challenge of the project was the different facets of loading that were required due to 75% of the roof needing to support rooftop gardens and a planned future second floor addition. It was determined that the project would be a conventional steel framed structure supporting open web steel joist and concrete on corrugated metal deck. Additionally all major columns loads are supported by concrete piers and the foundation consists of a soil supported slab.

Location: Austin, Texas

Size: 15,895 sf

Sustainability: LEED Gold Certified, Scorecard


“Structures provided responsive and creative service to Travis County architects. We’ll be happy to work with them again, on projects of any size and complexity.”

Carolyn O’Hara, AIA, LEED AP,
Project Manager for Travis County Facilities Management Dept., Planning, Design and Construction Division

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