Festival Beach Restroom

The Trail Foundation partnered with Jobe Corral Architects and StructuresPE Engineering to replace the lavatory facilities in Edward Rendon Sr. Metro Park at Festival Beach.

The new Festival Beach restroom joins the ranks of The Trail Foundation’s various other critically acclaimed restrooms, including the Miro Rivera Restroom near Rainey Street (2007), Johnson Creek Restrooms near Mopac
(2013), and the Heron Creek Restrooms just west of Lamar Boulevard (2015).

The Festival Beach restroom, which was identified for replacement in the Holly Shores Master Plan, is one of the 15 projects The Trail Foundation announced in honor of its 15th anniversary.

This project featured a unique curved roof support structure designed to mimic the appearance of a leaf. Each frame had its own individual curve pattern, and together they supported an unusual exposed Spanish tile roof. This created structural design challenges for ensuring lateral stability during a windstorm while maintaining the artistic architectural intent of the structure.

The new restroom was completed in June 2020.

Location: Austin, TX

Size: 3,236 sf

Architect: Jobe Corral Architects

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