Travis County District Attorney’s Office

Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, this project showcases innovative structural design. It boasts seven spacious above-ground levels and four additional subterranean levels, providing ample parking in the center of Downtown Austin. The structure’s flat-plate concrete slabs eliminate the need for post-tensioning. The interior structure consists of non-load-bearing cold-formed metal frames, and lateral bracing is integrated into the stair and elevator corridors, enclosed within concrete shear walls to ensure stability and strength.

Due to the proximity of the neighboring building, the eastern facade used concrete masonry units, while the remaining facades feature a glass curtainwall exterior, blending functionality with modern design.

The site constraints presented a significant challenge for the construction of the 4 levels of underground parking, primarily due to nearby buildings and infrastructure. Extensive excavation was required, and was carefully planned to avoid undermining neighboring structures. The use of soil nails for shoring, along with obtaining permissions and minimizing disruption to existing underground utilities, was crucial to the project.

The team creatively and cost-effectively designed the foundation and slabs, with intentional analysis of long-term creep deflection parameters. Structures’ design specifications mitigated long term deflections, allowing for thinner slabs. This innovation reduced concrete and facade material costs and exemplifies adaptive engineering in challenging urban settings.

Location: Austin, Texas

Size: 130,000 SF

Architect: Page

Contractor: Flintco

Sustainability Credentials: Awarded an Austin Energy Green Building three-star rating and LEED Silver Certification

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