• East Windsor Residence

    East Windsor Residence

  • Hurst Hollow Residence

    Hurst Hollow Residence

  • Urban Townhouse

    Urban Townhouse

  • Moto X Residential Retreat

    Moto X Residential Retreat

  • Lake LBJ Retreat

    Lake LBJ Retreat

  • Lake Travis Retreat

    Lake Travis Retreat

  • Jewell Street Residence

    Jewell Street Residence

Structures understands that no matter the size of the project, our clients’ residences hold special meaning to them. It is important for us to use our creativity and knowledge to enhance their design concepts. Whether it be new construction, a remodel or addition, there are unique considerations to be had for residential structural designs.

Structures maximize living space by proactively incorporating mechanical routing in our design. Residential designs also require constant consideration for constructability. By acknowledging accessibility and available equipment during design, we are able to avoid construction issues and expensive modifications.

Structures has been providing structural engineering services for single family homes for over two decades and has developed the unique skills associated with residential design. A deep understanding of residential construction methods as well as extensive relationships with residential architects and contractors has placed Structures at the top of the list of “go to” engineers.


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