Jewell Street Residence

In 2006, the owners of the 864 sf, 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom, postwar, Jewell Street residence decided that they wanted a renovation and addition that was energy efficient, modern and innovative. They also wanted to be mindful of the design’s impact on the integrity of the original structure.

The result was a renovation that kept most of the original layout and a 1,100 sf addition, which included a large, modern kitchen and dining space, a utility room, a master bedroom with a deck, a walk-in closet, a master bath and an extra bedroom. The first floor of the addition is primarily enclosed with glass, while the second floor is encased in metal.

The use of metal was a key design decision, which was arrived at because metal is able to withstand the harsh Austin climate and is easy to maintain. To avoid possible thermal transfer the metal was coated with a reflective charcoal gray coating that kept it cool. It was also kept from touching the residence by placing the material on wood screeds, which allowed any heat gained to be dispelled through the top of the ridge. In effect the metal keeps the residence cool by producing shade for it.

Given that metal steel is mostly made of recycled content, its use as a predominant material helped the residence receive an Austin Green Building Program Five Star rating. Furthermore, the use of a soy-based spray foam on the addition, planting a bamboo wall on one side of the house to protect the windows from the sun, installing a tank less water heater, planting zoysia grass and selecting Energy Star appliances also helped receive the rating.

Location: Austin, Texas

Size: 864 sf remodel, 1,100 sf addition

Architect: Webber + Studio

Contractor: David Wilkes Builders

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