Manta Haus

The Manta Haus is a 17,620 square-foot one-of-a-kind residential home. It resides on one of the highest vantage points in Austin, charming its residents with a magnificent view overlooking the city.

Inspired by a Manta Ray, the roof structure takes the form of expansive, sweeping wings that extend from a central core. This shape flows naturally with the hilltop and creates a striking visual from all angles. This aesthetically appealing curvature carries over throughout the whole structure, requiring intensive detailing and 3D modeling during the design process.

When working on this geometric beauty, the Structures team faced foundational difficulties, requiring significant excavation of hard limestone. But together the team reached a new tier in structural engineering and created a structure they take pride in—an iconic home on Mt. Larson that can see and be seen throughout Austin.

Location: Austin, TX

Size: 17,620 sf

Architect: Winn Wittman

Contractor: Home As Art, Inc.

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