• Kimber Modern Hotel

    Kimber Modern Hotel

  • Ronald McDonald House Austin

    Ronald McDonald House Austin

  • Westwood Marina

    Westwood Marina

  • City of Austin Morris Williams Golf Course

    City of Austin Morris Williams Golf Course

The essence of a hospitality project is to create a space that achieves the desired ambiance and interaction between guest and host. Clubhouses, spas and hotels define their brand immediately upon entering the facility. The guest is to enjoy the facility and relax without concern for the work taking place in the back of house.

Structures works with the entire design team and owner to achieve these goals. We design large span structural framing to achieve the open spaces desired for lobbies and ballrooms. For hotel towers over podiums, we participate in the column layout to work for both spaces with minimal transfer beams. Structures is also considerate of the design details of the project; designing framing to support movable partitions for space flexibility and framing to support decorative lighting features or iconic artwork. These details define the ambiance while also ensuring function.