Kimber Modern Hotel

The Kimber Modern Hotel was built on an approximately 12,000 sf unusually shaped steeply sloped lot. Environmental regulations further restricted the site plan, which had to include at least five parking spaces due to the type of business.

Although the site provided initial challenges, the solution became a zig-zagging gradually descending site plan. The hotel’s five rooms and underneath covered parking are positioned at different heights which step down to a courtyard and common area. The site also includes administrative offices and a semi hidden deck housing a 26′ airstream trailer.

In order to minimize noise between rooms the building’s walls contain two rows of staggered studs, plywood sheathing and noise-retarding drywall. The mechanical system was not only chosen because it is virtually noiseless, but it also provides for a green building component since it drives each of the rooms with a single heat pump governed by a micro-processor.

Location: Austin, Texas

Number of Units: 5

Architect/Builder: Burton Baldridge Architects Design Build


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