Escondido Golf Clubhouse

The Escondido Golf Clubhouse is the centerpiece of the Escondido golf community and was designed to rival the elegance and comfort of the finest PGA Tour facilities. The three level structure resembles the look of estates in Southern Europe through the use of rustic stone, antique timber, terracotta tile and hand-wrought ironwork.

The building is conventionally framed using primarily wooden components. The main level is comprised of a hollow core pre-stresses concrete panel system supported by concrete retaining walls at the lower level. Steel framing was integrated into the framing only where wooden components are found not to satisfy the structural requirements of the system.

The facility includes indoor and outdoor spaces; formal, informal and private dining spaces; men’s and women’s lounges, locker rooms and treatment rooms; spa and wellness facility.

Location: Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Size: 46,800 sf

Architect: Michael G. Imber, Architects

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