Waldorf School

The aim of Waldorf schooling is to educate the whole child, head, hands and soul. Dance and play are not simply electives, but an integral component in the curriculum for the Waldorf philosophy.

Comprised of three structures added to an existing campus, the relationship of buildings on the site draws on the golden section and gnomic spirals, expressed on the ground plane by landscape features and reflected in the curves of the walkway awning in the wall panel and trim patterns. The buildings incorporate a steel structure with metal wall panels along with limestone and cedar.

In trying to maintain the integrity of the Waldorf spirit, we designed the 300 seat Performing Arts Center with an emphasis on unrestricted creativity. Furthermore the multi-use Athletic Building allows students to combine from an early age dance, music and rhythmic instruction with recreation.

This cost effective project was the result of using economic warehouse structural approaches with more traditional architectural aesthetic intentions. The result was a very successful and inspiring environment for Waldorf School.

Location: Austin, Texas

Size: Performing Arts Center – 300 seats

Architect: Stanley Architects

Award: Design Merit Award, Association of General Contractors

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