Ryan Stoltz, PE, LEED AP Senior Project Manager


Where do you gain your confidence?

A tricky one. A few things come to mind. First off, I learned to laugh at myself in high school and haven’t looked back. If I care too much about how I sound or what I look like or if other people will agree with me, fear takes over and I end up shy and timid. Being able to laugh at myself and move on is key to building character and confidence. Another key ingredient is doing things I love. Camping under the stars, going to a great concert, or being with friends who encourage me are great ways to remind me how blessed I am. There is something about living in the moment and engaging in fun adventures and meaningful relationships that builds self confidence.

What was the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?

I am not a big risk taker, but asking a girl to go out country dancing with me…just the two of us…felt like a big risk at the time. I got to marry her, so it paid off!

If you played hooky for a day, where would we find you?

Barton Springs, one of Austin’s great burger joints, or at home playing my electric guitar at obnoxious volumes that are frowned upon at night time when the wife is home.

What do you enjoy about Austin?

I love that most people I meet seem comfortable in their own skin. With so many fun things to do and great places to go, Austin seems to bring out the best in people, which makes all the difference. If you aren’t happy here, go back to where you came from so your bad mojo doesn’t mess with out great city…and so traffic is a little better (every car counts!)

How did you get to Austin?

I drove a Uhaul into town on I-35 with everything I own, a dog, and my wife…whoa, and I don’t even listen to country music!