Cultural Centers

Our goal with any cultural center is to work with the client to find aesthetic, functional solutions that lead to an unforgettable experience for visitors of the center.

Performing Arts Center, san marcos

Cultural centers can be structurally challenging, requiring the need for large open spans and unique loading conditions. One example is the minimal use of columns in order to provide unobstructed views of a stage or pulpit, which creates large concentrated loads on the foundation. When designing performing art centers with a Proscenium stage, rigging systems used to lift and position lighting, audio, video, scenery, special effects and related items must be considered in the overall design and can create significant challenges in connection design.

In the last few decades communities have begun to solicit the help of architects and engineers to restore the historical styles of their existing cultural centers while taking the opportunity to implement current trends as well as safety and accessibility codes. Structures utilizes our knowledge of historic materials and construction practices as well as methods from our extensive adaptive reuse portfolio to provide solutions for implementing these modifications while preserving the architectural intent.

St. Mary's Cathedral

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