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Condominiums or apartments, low-rise, or high-rise, Structures provides structural solutions to realize the project goals.

The East Village

Multi-family housing comes in many forms and functions. The definition of the project as condominiums or apartments can drive the choice of structural systems. We work with the architectural team and other consultants to choose economical building systems and to minimize plenum space. This maximizes usable area and decreases cladding costs.

Many multi-family projects incorporate parking or retail below the residential portion. Structures minimizes the need for expensive transfer girders by working with the architect early to lay out a column grid that works for the residences and the supporting parking or retail. In some cases, it is beneficial to also choose an alternate building system for a podium below the residences to incorporate residential amenities such as pools and exercise rooms. Structures has designed many projects in wood, steel and mild and pre-stressed concrete. We often incorporate combinations of these materials to achieve the architectural vision and project goals. Given each multi-family project can uniquely prioritize the goals of budget, cost, maintainability, luxury and amenities, Structures works with the owner, design team and contractor to successfully realize each project goal.

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